Casualties rising dramatically

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Tue Sep 2 06:31:58 MDT 2003

Number of Wounded in Action on Rise
Iraq Toll Reflects Medical Advances, Resistance Troops Face
By Vernon Loeb
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, September 2, 2003; Page A01

U.S. battlefield casualties in Iraq are increasing dramatically in the
face of continued attacks by remnants of Saddam Hussein's military and
other forces, with almost 10 American troops a day now being officially
declared "wounded in action."

The number of those wounded in action, which totals 1,124 since the war
began in March, has grown so large, and attacks have become so
commonplace, that U.S. Central Command usually issues news releases
listing injuries only when the attacks kill one or more troops. The
result is that many injuries go unreported.

The rising number and quickening pace of soldiers being wounded on the
battlefield have been overshadowed by the number of troops killed since
President Bush declared an end to major combat operations May 1. But
alongside those Americans killed in action, an even greater toll of
battlefield wounded continues unabated, with an increasing number being
injured through small-arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades,
remote-controlled mines and what the Pentagon refers to as "improvised
explosive devices."


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