Reply to David Schanoes on Foreign Direct Investment

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Tue Sep 2 06:52:21 MDT 2003

David writes:

You make a whole forest worth of errors in your post, but just to correct
two: 1. don't take Prozac. 2. don't have a psychoanalyst.

This is a very superficial reply, because you allege "a whole forest worth
of errors" but do not prove a thing, and substitute verbal abuse and
innuendo for substantive argument. Prozac and psychoanalysis are your thing,
not mine. Wilhelm Reich's critique of Sigmund Freud was essentially very
simple and devastating: don't talk about it endlessly, just do it.

If I have had problems with depression and mistrust in the past, this had
nothing to do with biochemistry or ignorance, but with purely social
reasons, namely savage harassment from riffraff trying to catch me out in a
weak moment.

The exploitative, parasitic relations involved in bourgeois foreign
investment which we discussed, are directly reflected in the consciousness
and behaviour of citizens, hence my reference to the popsong "everybody
wants to rule the world."


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