www.marxists.org back

gdunkel at mindspring.com gdunkel at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 2 20:01:55 MDT 2003

On 2 Sep 03, at 18:14, Martin Ambuhl wrote:

> I don't know why www.marxists.org was not available earlier today (my DNS
> reported that it didn't even exist), but it is now up and appears healthy.
> --
> Martin Ambuhl

It generally takes three to five hours for a DNS change to propagate thru
the distributed, world-wide database that underlies DNS.

So if the change took place during prime time, many people who use the
server by name wouldn't find it;  it wouldn't exist as far as DNS was
concerned until the DNS authorities spread their message.

No plot, just a normal glitch.


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