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> --- Nestor Gorojovsky <nestorgoro at> wrote:
>> Let us allow Iraqis to pass judgement on their own affairs. 
>> Nobody in the West has a shred of right to olympically 
>> become the judge of the political parties in those countries 
>> that the West has torn to bleeding pieces.
> > 
> > This is Leninism ABC, methinks. But maybe I am wrong.
> You are hardly wrong. I hate "me toos," but I definitely want 
> to go on record as being with Lou Palsen, Nestor, and Jose--i.e., 
> on the side of the Iraqi people.

   The Iraqi people is today [this was written Tuesday, 2 September]
assembled in Najaf by the hundreds of thousands, and they express not
only their rejection of the US occupation, but also their hatred of
Saddam Hussein and his regime, and the bombing which most seem to
ascribe to those forces coming from pieces of this hated regime. 

> The Iraqis have EVERY right to wage their struggle for liberation on
> their OWN terms. To deny them this right is to deny the right of
> Palestinians to struggle by any means THEY feel necessary. 
> To deny them this right is to deny the right of ANY oppressed people

> to wage their own struggles based on their own terms--that's the ABCs

> of the right to self-determination, IMO. 

   This is certainly true. How the majority wants to wage that
struggle can be seen in Najaf. 

   And also, please note that the Iraqi people is divided into
classes with diverging, to put it mildly, interests. 

   But when I read something like this: 

# Subject: Re: home grown resistance
# From: "Nestor Gorojovsky" <nestorgoro at>
# Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 13:00:37 -0300

> I would not be surprised if, within some years, many of those who are

> now blasting Saddam for his past will be hailing him for his present.

   ... then I really get furious. 

   Saddam Hussein and his murderous regime is the next to worst
(after the US conquest) thing which hit the Iraqi nation; his main
crime consisted and still consists in sabotaging the effective
defense of the national sovereignty and independence of the Iraqi
people, hidden behind a smokescreen of pompous rattling, best
evidenced by the nonsense uttered by the former Minister of

   What the Iraqi nation needs, is to assemble their forces,
organize, and take their fate in their own hands. One throng of this
was visible on Tuesday in Najaf, where the US forces took care not to
be too visible, whereas armed guards, coming out of the people, and
responsible to the people were posted everywhere, and being prepared
to fight back any other crime committed by those forces who placed
that devastating bomb last Friday. 

   Who these forces actually are, and if they are the same forces who
sabotaged the already scarce water supply to the Iraqi people in
Baghdad, killed 20 people at the UN headquarters, and bombed the
Jordanian embassy, is certainly known only to these actors
themselves, and maybe to any agents provocateurs infiltrated into
their ranks. 

   But obviously the majority of those who came to Najaf to protest
the US occupiers and the former regime of Saddam Hussein have made
their mind about that. 

   To "leftists" all over the world, who have to rely mainly on the
bourgeois media, the armed attacks and bombings are certainly the
most visible signs of resistance in Iraq against the USuk occupation,
but one should try and look deeper; I think the links to the english
site of the "Worker communist pary of Iraq" was quite helpful to get
a glimpse of the tasks organizing a working class movement
independent of the bourgeoisie in that country (not that I want to
endorse that party, but it is worth while looking). 

> Lest we forget that most Leftists blasted Chávez when his attempt of

> a coup in 1992...

   Chavez was never responsible for murderous attacks on the working
people of his country, contrary to Saddam Hussein, and he has not
capitulated in front of an imperialist attack. 

Lüko Willms 

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