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First things first, Lüko:


So that _I of all men_ am smearing Hugo (not César, César was a 
different person) Chávez because I am suppossedly bracketing him with 
Saddam Hussein!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lüko misread (at least) my posting.

What I said is that _people in the imperialist West_ have no right at 
all to decide who is to lead a national liberation struggle in the 
semicolonial world, even in the case that they can prove to be wiser 
than the semicolonial peoples.

What I said was that in 1955, when Perón was overthrown, most of 
those who now "understand" Peronism hailed the criminal pro-
imperialist Junta that established the regime which took Argentina to 
its current sorry state, while the mass of the Argentinean people 
stuck firmly supporting the outcast. Of course, Perón did not launch 
a consolidated attack over, say, Chile, with American support. But he 
considered the possibility to send a token force to Korea under heavy 
pressure from the US. This, however, would not have changed Perón 
into an imperialist stooge, and mass support to him was unflinching. 
The hatred towards Perón from the quarters of the Left is due to what 
he did of _good_, not to what he did of _bad_  

Same with Chávez. What I said was that when Chávez gave his coup, 
most of those "leftists"who are now bowing at him (many, by the way, 
are living off the Bolivarian Revolution, and those are the ones I 
deride most) were _against_ him and _attacked_ him as just another 
Latin American military. 

Chávez himself mentioned this in front of a crowd of this kind of 
newly born "leftist"supporters in Buenos Aires, recently. And on his 
_Aló Presidente_ broadcast from Buenos Aires he elliptically 
mentioned that the single political party that had opened up its 
premises for him immediately after he was released from prison was 
the Partido de la Izquierda Nacional. 

Lüko, I am not saying that Chávez is the same thing as S. Hussein. I 
am stating something very different: that Lüko Willms, or Néstor 
Gorojovsky for that matter (in the end, Argentina supported the 
coallition attack on Iraq in 1991), are absolutely forbidden to tell 
the Iraqis who to follow, even if they follow Saddam.

Is it so hard to learn to be humble and respectful of actual, flesh 
and bones human beings?

2. Relative attendancies to funerals

I don't care about "funeralometers". I don't know if the resistence 
in Iraq will be headed by a renewed Ba'ath, by Islamic clerics, or by 
little green beings from planet Korzo. What I know is that there is a 
mounting resistence and that we should help it from our own 
particular settings. And there is another thing that I know, though I 
don't know how important it is: you cannot compare the funeral of two 
children of a regime that was overthrown by colonial invasion, 
murdered by a full company of foreign soldiers in occupied land, 
where the regime is the open pretext of the soldiers to remain in 
Iraq, without 

(a) risking full scale repression that would make the Amritsar 
massacre a garden party, and 

(b) giving more reason to the invader to remain in Iraq ("See, we 
have not de-Nazified, er, de-Saddamized, this country")

On the contrary, the murder of a religious leader, belonging to a 
fraction of the upper classes in Iraq that have been coopted to the 
colonial regime, is an entirely different thing.

Please, Lüko, remember that we are talking colonialism here.

El Miércoles 3 de Septiembre de 2003 a las 8:54,
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> addendum to my previous post: 
> As to how and with what leadership the people of Iraq  obviously want
> to fight for their independence, compare the attendance at the funerals
> of the slain Shi'ite Ayatollah on Tuesday with several hundreds  of
> thousands in Najaf, and the few dozens at  the funeral of the two sons
> of Saddam Hussein in Tikrit a few weeks ago (while it is quite a feat
> and shows the actual weekness of the US military that they needed 200
> men and several hours to defeat amd kill 2 men and 2 boys). 
> As to the smear attack against Cesar Chavez, putting him on the same
> plane as Saddam Hussein,  I wanted to add that Chavez also never made
> himself a stooge for imperialism by leading a war against a brother
> country to defeat a revolution there . 
> Yours, 
> Lüko Willms
> Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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