How to misuse unc0nditional support of the "Iraqi Resistance"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Wed Sep 3 12:16:03 MDT 2003

(While I have no sympathy for
Saddam Hussein, who after all
was put in by Washington in
the first place, I admit I'm
not in a position to begin to
even guess who is leading the
resistance to Washington's
occupation of Iraq. So it's

(It seems unwise to speculate
about who isn't and won't be
doing whatever, among the
Iraqi resistance. Who would
have figured the Shiites or
the Sunnis would be building
mass protests against the US
occupation. Who can any of
us sitting here really know
just who is doing just what?


I would be delighted to see a broad based resistance,
whether or not it is led by communists, petty bourgeois
opponents of imperialism or otherwise. The very nature of
the struggle will separate the contending classes within
Iraq. The Baathists have proven (and for a very long time
if you were watching) that they are incapable of defending
Iraq from imperialist attack. They are not going to lead
the struggle and it makes no sense to "support" them. That
is especially true for every honest communist in any
imperialist country.

Robin Maisel
9/03/03 l:00 pm CDT

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