How to misuse unconditional support of "the" Iraqi resistance

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> In a discussion -among Marxists-, I have the obligation to 
> argue in favor of the above strategy, and to convince, 
> if possible, other Marxists who are not already convinced 
> of it that they also ought to defend all the various 
> elements of the Iraqi resistance against US imperialism 
> and its servants etc., 

  I see it somewhat different, and this may be just a difference in
words, but I hope you will explain further. 

  I defend the right of the Iraqi nation to selfdetermination, which
means I fight against "my own" imperialism to leave the Iraqis alone
and let them settle their own affairs, which means in practical terms
the removal of all foreign troops from Iraqi soil so that no outside
power can force their will on the Iraqi people. 

  For this I do not have to endorse any of the actions that are
performed in Iraq (or even outside of Iraq by Iraqi independence

  There is also not need at all for me to decide what might a
"legitimate target" for the Iraqi resistance, and what not. This is
also an interference with their decisions. He who speaks that way,
alludes that there are targets for the Iraqi resistance which are not
"legitimate", and erects himself as a judge about what the Iraqi
resistance fighters may or may not do. 

  My "legitimate target" is the presence of a foreign armed forced on
Iraqi soil violating the right of the Iraqi nation for
selfdetermination, and that I want these foreign oppressors to get
out of that country right now. 

  To this I have to add that I don't have any hard evidence about
what forces are behind the bombings of the Jordanian embassy, the
Canal Hotel (housing the UN offices), the water pipelines, and the
murderous bombing in Najaf, the police school in Baghdad (at a time
where a large number of Iraqi police came there to get their salary)
and what purposes the bombers had in mind while making them explode.
And I doubt that anybody except the bombers themselves know it for

  On the other hand, as a partisan of the proletarian revolution who
has studied a lot of experience of the workers struggle and national
liberation movements of more than a century, I have my thoughts about
what might be a successful strategy and, to a certain extent, tactics
to achieve again the sovereignty gained in the struggle against the
British colonialists, and lost to the US imperialists. 

  And I am ready to share those ideas who wants to listen or read,
and I deeply resent anybody who dares to tell me that I have to shut

> Now, suppose some other Iraqi resistance entity comes along and 
> says, "We say that it was wrong to attack the U.N. 

   I guess you could see that "other entity" yesterday in Najaf,
where -- according to one report -- half a million people have
protested against the murderous bombing there last Friday, and I
guess that at least many of them think that the same forces are
responsible for both the UN bombing and the one in Najaf; sure is
that they protest both the US occupation and the former

   And I think that such a large assembly, which organizes its own
armed defense (in open defiance of the occupiers ban on Iraqis owning
and bearing weapons), is a much stronger step towards regaining
independence than some anonymous bombers with their hit and run

> and was not 
> legitimate in any way, and the bombing should be condemned by 
> everybody.  Now you come along and say that you won't condemn it, 
> so you are taking a firm line on a dispute within the 
> resistance!"  So far as I know, nobody HAS come along to 
> say this to us.  

   And, let me repeat, it is not necessary to endorse this or that
action. Necessary is action to withdraw the occupation forces,

   Possible is a fraternal discussion with each and every current
within the Iraqi nation who wants to throw off the yoke of the
foreign oppressor. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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