How to misuse unconditional support of "the" Iraqi resistance

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El Miércoles 3 de Septiembre de 2003 a las 10:25,
Fred Feldman dijo sobre How to misuse unconditional support of "the" Iraq que:

> When Nestor Gorojovsky is insistent on the alleged parallels between
> Peron and Saddam (I really  don't think there are any), he comes down like
> a ton of bricks on a question that is also hotly debated in the national
> movement against the occupation. As someone who has learned a great deal
> from Nestor about the concreteness of the Argentine situation, I have been
> shocked by the stereotyped approach he has taken to Iraq. In my opinion,
> he has attacked the question with an Argentine cookie-cutter.

I guess Fred is sanctifying Perón as much as older Leftists have
Satanized him. The points of contact between Perón and Saddam are as
many as the objective situations allow. To be sure, most Peronists
today side with Saddam and remember Perón's "tapes from Madrid"
during exile every time they learn of Saddam's "tapes from
clandestinity"! You may like national-bourgeois leaderships in the
Third World or not, but you have to take them as a whole, not in

If I wanted to, I could draft as serious an anti-Peronist diatribe as
many have drafted anti-Saddam diatribes. I repeat: I am NOT saying
that Saddam and Perón are the same thing.

But they share something, something they share with Chávez and even
Fidel: they were the privileged targets of imperialist intervention.

And this, which tells a lot to masses of people the Third World over,
should not be overlooked.

BTW: Chávez had all to gain and nothing to lose with Saddam remaining
in Iraq, since his oil policies search to set Venezuela free from the
dollar. Saddam was advancing on the same line.


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