GM food: A `biological time bomb' - Green Left Weekly #552 September 3, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #552 September 3, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Genetically modified food: Bush promotes a
`biological time bomb'

On August 7, the United States government formally demanded that the
World Trade Organisation set up a dispute settlement panel in order to
legally challenge the European Union's five-year de facto ban on the new
approval of genetically modified foods. US President George Bush's
administration is seeking to force down the throat of the world's people
a food supply that is of highly dubious safety and has potentially
devastating environmental consequences. Green Left Weekly explains how
flimsy scientific research had been conducted to justify this, while
evidence of the possible grave dangers of GM crops has been ignored.

Genetically modified food: Bush promotes a `biological time bomb'
Howard approves first GM food crop in Australia
UNITED STATES: Food fight bully targets Third World

IRAQ: US rulers fear `quagmire'
No deportations! Let Afghan refugees stay

PALESTINE: How Sharon destroyed the cease-fire
UNITED STATES: Greens candidate challenges two-party system
VENEZUELA: Massive show of support for Bolivarian revolution
VENEZUELA: `It's impossible to win this fight alone'
NORTH AMERICA: Deregulation, privatisation to blame for blackout
EAST TIMOR: Workers battle IMF agenda
SCOTLAND: `The real crime is nuclear weapons'
INDONESIA: Military seeks more power after Marriott bombing
MALAYSIA: Acehnese refugees to be deported
IRAQ: Who are the resistance fighters?
SOUTH KOREA: Roh launches crackdown on striking truck drivers
UNITED STATES: Alert on Abu Jamal's health
UNITED STATES: Why we are marching on October 25
UNITED STATES: United For Peace and Justice backs October 25

Nauru: `Twisting labyrinth of cruelty'
A woman's place is in the struggle: Rape and the US military
How Tony Abbott helped revive Hansonism
EDITORIAL: Withdraw all the troops from Iraq!
Medicare under attack
This is not a game, this is our education!
Campaign to defend and extend Medicare in Darebin

Thousands rally for locked-out workers
Postal workers stand up for right to sit down
Smorgon Steel uses divide and conquer tactics
Save the Strzelecki forests!
New Socialist Alliance Branch formed
Ruddock extends temporary visas
Stop the War Coalition formed
Rallies mark Tampa Day
Commission outlaws bus strike
Socialists, Greens discuss capitalism and the environment
Students protest the privatisation of education
Government censors education report
Rehabilitation work begins at Jabiluka
Venezuelan revolutionary tours Australia

Stop press: Chemical weapons found!
`Brand Freedom': selling slaughter
Henry Kissinger: White House war criminal
Greek Film Festival highlights
Art exhibition explores `collateral damage'
On the box

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