Watched some of Camejo tonight during the debate...

David Walters dwalters at
Wed Sep 3 19:03:38 MDT 2003

Saw some of the big debate. Peter said good things, and, I have to
retract something I stated in the earlier post about Peter running as
"Peter" and not GP...he pretty much prefaced everything he said by
mentioning "me and the GP...", and pushed the GP a lot, something I had
not seem him do as much in the last election.

He gave his final two minute spiel by saying the recall is a good
thing, we need more than two political parties saying the same thing,
that if a party gets 20% of the vote, they should get 20% of the State
Assembly, we need more renewable resources for energy (Mark Jones where
ARE you?!!!) as the solution to energy problems in the state, spoke if
favor of the 8 hour day (California is he only state where there is a
legal 8 hour day now), and spoke about raising some taxes, especially
on the wealthy.


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