What is Workers World's opinion of Camejo?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Wed Sep 3 20:15:47 MDT 2003

Lou Paulsen writes:

>>I am not on the scene there, but I
trust that my California comrades have good reasons for what they are
they have been dealing with the Peace and Freedom Party there for quite
time and have had an ample opportunity to assess it and Weber and for
matter the actual state of affairs with the Greens.<<

I, too, would like to trust that the Workers World comrades in
California "have good reasons for what they are doing," but it seems Lou
is as much at a loss as I am to articulate what those may be.

And this election campaign is, clearly, a national political issue, and
being treated as such by all the media. 

I do think what the California Greens are doing has great significance,
at least potentially. I'm not sure if Lou's alluding to the
abstentionism I argued for in 2000, in referring to Nader, but if he is,
basically, I think events proved me wrong, and those who were relating
to the motion around Nader's campaign were clearly right. There is
(some, limited) motion among a layer of working people towards breaking
with the two party system and that is finding expression through the
green party. In terms of electoral tactics, linking up with that motion,
helping to give it more cohesive organizational form and a more
conscious political expression would seem the thing to do.

The fact that Lou can't articulate any reason for supporting P&F instead
of the Greens makes it hard for me to change my impression that what is
at work there is sectarianism.


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