Granma: Occupation forces responsible for bloodshed in Iraq

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Thu Sep 4 03:25:03 MDT 2003

Havana. September 3, 2003

Occupation forces responsible for bloodshed in Iraq

NAJAF, Iraq. A member of the Council of Government
designated by the United States has called for the
withdrawal of the occupation forces from Iraq during the
panegyric at the funeral of his brother, a Shiite Muslim
cleric who died as a result of a car bomb attack lastn for
Friday, AP reports.

During the funeral of Ayatollah Mohammad Bakr al-Hakim,
attended by 400,000 members of his congregation, men
dressed in white robes and dark uniforms and armed with
Russian Kalashnikovs were posted every five meters along
the roof of the Iman Ali mosque in Najaf, where the attack
took place.

"The occupation forces are mainly responsible for the pure
blood spilled in the sacred city of Najaf, the blood of
Hakim and of the group of the faithful in the vicinity of
the mosque,” affirmed Abdel Aziz al Hakim in his funeral

"That force is principally responsible for all that
bloodshed, and that spilled daily throughout Iraq," the
Provisional Council of Government member stated.

"Iraq cannot continue to be occupied and the occupation
forces should leave so that we can construct an Iraq as
Allah wills it," he concluded.

MORE U.S. CASUALTIES A U.S. soldier died this Tuesday and
another was injured on falling out of a helicopter close to
Baghdad, according to the U.S. Central Command, which did
not specify if it was an accident or the result of
resistance action, PL cables.

The same source confirmed the death of another two U.S.
soldiers the previous day, when the vehicle in which they
were traveling was attacked with explosives in the south of
Baghdad, the Al Jazeera TV network informed.

A fierce explosion outside a military complex close to the
Ministry of the Interior and the Iraqi Police Academy also
caused one death and a dozen injuries.

The attack came during the graduation ceremony of 250 new
Iraqi police agents.

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