Paulsen gets in his two cents on another Gould response part1

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Sep 3 14:51:23 MDT 2003

Luko, Didn't the Americans prevent people attending the funeral of the
brothers?  Leastways I read that somewhere!

Al-Hakim's case is different because he was an American ally even if mainly
a de facto one.

Tariq Ali when he was in Brisbane recently said that there was increasing
admiration for the Hussain family because they had not fled.  The brothers
apparently fought for 45 minutes against 200 men who had overwhelming
technical superiority.  The murder of the 14 year grandson particularly
shocked Arabs.

All this according to Tariq.

None of this suggests that we should admire Saddam and his off-spring, but
it does suggest that the unfolding struggle is, if not transforming their
role is shaping them into some kind of legend that will aid the struggle.

To repeat I am not defending Saddam's regime in any way.  But a struggle is
underway and perceptions of his role may well be as Nestor suggests be
prone to revision.



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