Liberal on MLK speech

Charles Brown cbrown at
Thu Sep 4 10:31:10 MDT 2003

Pretty good column for a white liberal. The first few sentences are the same
idea as the opening paragraphs of _The State and Revolution_



One Thing We Did Right

by Jack Lessenberry

Metrotimes of Detroit

The most convenient thing about saints is that they are dead and can’t
contradict what you say about them. Matter of fact, if you don’t study them
too closely, you can manage to ignore the embarrassing things they tend to
say about our own hypocrisy and remember only the part of their message that
has been safely sanitized. Take Martin Luther King Jr., for example, the man
who made the greatest speech in America in the last century, if not ever.
Styles change, and today even those who loathe blacks think not allowing
them to vote was wrongheaded. (There’s lots more of us whites anyway,
Jeeter, except in the great ghettos of our decaying cities.) Nobody today
would set police dogs on folks who wanted to eat bad food at drugstore lunch
counters. Even Alabama doesn’t do that anymore.

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