How to misuse unc0nditional support of the "Iraqi Resistance"

Robin Maisel robinmaisel at
Thu Sep 4 10:43:38 MDT 2003

Jose G. Perez wrote:

>Robin Maisel writes:
>>>As I said in a previous posting, would the people who conducted the
>bombings please issue some kind of statement of their political goals.
>That is a starting point. After stating their goals we can see if the
>bombings aid or hurt the gaining of mass support for a goal.<<

Jose Perez responds

>Actually, apparently there HAVE been statements taking credit for at
>least the UN attack, I saw a dispatch making a reference to three such
>The *content* of these statements (nay, and even their existence) is
>being systematically blacked out by the bourgeois press.
>Go back and research how many statements from the mambises, the Cuban
>patriots, actually made it INTO the American press during the "Spanish
>American" War of 1898. The same number of statements by Iraqi "mambises"
>are making it through today....
Robin Maisel Replies:

    Gee, Jose!  Do you have, or can you direct me to the ...

"...dispatch making a reference to three such
Or better yet, a copy of the dispatch you note
and, better still, the "...three such statements?"

I think we would all like to read them.  Once I read them (and
verify their senders' bone fides (I don't want "statements"
ponied up by the US military and CIA and their lackeys, but rather
authenticated, to some degree or another, as coming from a person or organization that is actually part of the resistance and not some phony
nonexistent "individual,group, or organization" being used to discredit
those who are actually resisting the occupation), I would feel better about an analysis of who or what those resisters are and their goals or program is.  Then I might have the basis for rendering an opinion on their actions.  But right now, I am ignorant of what statements have been made and by whom.

Without question, I expect the US media and actually any other capitalist or procapitalist media anywhere on the globe will do their best at distorting as well as "blacking out" statements by resisters.  The same thing happened in 1953 after the attack on the Moncada by what became known as the 26th of July Movement.  But that was a real "movement" which already had roots in the population and forthrightly put out their program (History Will Absolve Me), smuggled out of the Isle of Pines prison, written in invisible ink (lemon juice, edited and published clandestinely, but having a wide circulation not only in Cuba, but around the world. The July 26 Movement took pains to reach everyone they could with their program and with accurate news of both their successes and setbacks.
I am reluctant to "support" groups who do not put forth their aims/goals, but I defend all real resistance fighters.  As I said previously, it appears to me that the attacks on the occupation army are not well coordinated as yet and may be conducted by individuals or small groups of brave people.  But unless they organize themselves in some way and seek to win the support of the Iraqi workers and peasants there will be little or no progress in the fight to expel the invaders, which is the first order of business.  Unless they articulate a program and seek to organize around that program, they are vulnerable to attacks both militarily and by way of propaganda, by a US ruling class who have a lot of experience in suppressing challenges to them.

11:05 am CDT

p.s.  -  I am not fully conversant with "klingons" as I had no access to television during the Star Trek era and cannot, therefore, render any opinion on the goals and aims of "klingons."  Perhaps you could enlighten me in correspondence directly as I don't think most of the list's readers and contributors are waiting breathlessly for someone to start a thread on TV science fiction on this site.  Perhaps there is already a sight you could direct me to for my further education.

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