Defending Cuba

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Sep 4 10:56:52 MDT 2003

Walter wrote:

>It seems to have a rather scattered discussion
>there, and the font size is infinitesmal. What's
>been your experience posting to that list?

First, as far as the font size, most current generation browsers have some
sort of menu or icon or increasing or decreasing font size, so you can
easily adjust any page to your own preference. If you don't have  that
capability, then I guess it's a problem.

As far as the discussion on these blogs, it's quite common to get good
discussions  going with 10, 20, 30 responses to one post (my own blog
doesn't include a "Comments" capability - some do, some don't, although I
think all the most popular ones do, which suggests that readers definitely
like to be able to "get involved" by commenting on what they read).  As I
said, this is the fifth (or so) most popular "blog" on the web, with 21,000
daily visitors. I doubt that all of them read the comments on each post, but
of course I have no way to know what proportion it might be.

I *believe* this is a place where it would be a worthwhile effort to
respond, particularly as I said by those who have something recent and
interesting to say; if I didn't think so I wouldn't have mentioned it on the

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