EuroGreens, Camejo, and Iraq

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Sep 4 12:14:03 MDT 2003

>Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has said a call from his Green Party
>coalition allies for German troops to join any United Nations force in
>Iraq made him "want to puke".


Back here in California, Green Party candidate Peter Camejo was certainly
opposed to the war in Iraq before the invasion, but what his stance is now
is totally unclear. His website ( has barely been updated
since the last Gubernatorial election, and he continues to ignore the issue.
In yesterday's TV debate, which was one of the best (in terms of format,
questions, good moderator, etc.) I have ever seen, Huffington was the only
one to even mention George Bush and the national economy and how it might
relate to the California economy, although she didn't tie it in to the war.
Camejo did neither, coming across as a technocrat with a progressive
approach to solving California's economic problems. No doubt some will think
me ultra-left, but as far as I'm concerned it borders on the criminal
(politically speaking) to have the first-ever opportunity of a Green Party
candidate to appear before the public in a statewide debate, and not to even
mention the war in Iraq. Even if it weren't connected to the economic
problems of the country and California, which it clearly is, it would STILL
be the business of the Governor of the largest state in the union to use the
power of the office to denounce this criminal war. Evidently Camejo doesn't
see it that way.

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