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Thu Sep 4 16:03:34 MDT 2003

aNOnym neWSlEttEr: September 3, 2003

The Lion and the Panther do not sleep tonight...

aNOnym reCOrds proudly announces a joint venture with The Huey P. Newton
Foundation, Black Panther Records artists The Black Panther FUGITIVES, and
the Lion of Zimbabwe, Thomas Mapfumo.

Please help us make the next Thomas Mapfumo CD and help finance a joint tour
with The Black Panther FUGITIVES by contributing generously to the Huey P.
Newton Foundation, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Black Panther
Party and continuing the struggle it began in 1966.

We need the help of every Thomas Mapfumo fan to finance this revolutionary
release on Black Panther Records. Funding will also provide for The Black
Panther FUGITIVES new release, and we hope to include joint recordings with
the two groups in the studio together. Our recording dates are approaching
quickly and we need help defraying the costs for this new label, our
revolutionary partners in the continuing Chimurenga.

You can find The Huey P. Newton Foundation here:
Please contact them for information on donating to this cause:
hpnfdn at   ...  510 986 0660

The two groups will tour Colleges and Universities this winter with a joint
message: The questions that Mr. Mapfumo and the Black Panther Party asked
and continue to ask the world remain unanswered today, on all sides of the
oceans.  The African/African American struggle to end the African Holocaust
and it's resulting oppression continues to be waged by the true
revolutionaries of our time, against overwhelming odds. Both Mapfumo and the
BPP have suffered government repression and violence. Both have been exiled,
banned, covertly harassed, overtly threatened with violence, arrested,
detained, jailed, and in the case of the BPP, simply murdered by those in

aNOnym reCOrds would like to thank David Hilliard (former Chief of Staff,
BPP), Fredrika Newton and friends for attending the recent show in San
Francisco, we're thrilled to have shown them a good time even just for one
evening, and we congratulate them for surviving the US Government's attempts
to destroy them both personally and as a group. We're also thrilled to find
a record label that struggles on an equal turf with the Blacks Unlimited,
unafraid, unbending as they ask again and again, when will the suffering

The Shona and Ndebele were called terrorists, as were the Black Panthers,
Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, and thousands upon thousands of unsung gandangas
who paved the way for us all to resolve the crisis that imperialism,
colonialism and slavery created.

Help us make sure that truth, reconciliation and reparations are the basis
for the next world's societies, in all their different cultural forms.

A Green
aNOnym reCOrds
anonym at
and hail to the swarming particles

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