How to misuse unc0nditional support of the "Iraqi Resistance"

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Thu Sep 4 20:35:23 MDT 2003

Robin writes:
Gee, Jose!  Do you have, or can you direct me to the ... "...dispatch
making a reference to three such
statements."  Or better yet, a copy of the dispatch you note and, better
still, the "...three such statements?"

Sorry, I can't. It was a wire service story, I think efe or afp or dpa
and I saw it --I think-- on an internal newsroom computer system that
has (among other features) complete, searchable wire service feeds. 

What was striking was the reference to the three statements taking
credit for the UN attack with absolutely no details. The context was
discussing the Saddam tape, saying something like, whereas for the UN
attack there were three statements (or three groups who put out
statements, something like that) taking credit for the attack, or
claiming sponsorship, this time there haven't been any. The story was
from Baghdad but I can't remember any other details. I should explain on
an event like that, I will go through a half dozen or dozen different
stories in quick succession. I'm not even certain if it was in English
or Spanish.

So you see, I, too, am ignorant of who (supposedly) made the (alleged)
statements, and am privy only to the slip that (reportedly) three such
statements exist. And my point was *precisely* that the idea that we
would somehow be  able to access such information as was available
*somewhere* about the (putative) statements is unsupported by the

On the klingon question, the klingons were (are) an especially
inscrutable warrior race bound by a quasi-feudal code of honor and
tradition whose internal politics were inscrutable to outsiders. The
reference was meant to convey that whatever you imagine you're getting
of the real inside dope on the Iraqi resistance is an order of magnitude
more fictional than the stuff on the Klingons.


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