Miller, Kazan and Naming Names

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Thu Sep 4 21:31:19 MDT 2003

I saw the "American Masters" show on Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan, and Marilyn
Monroe and have to say it was one hell of a  meretricious white wash of
stool pigeon Elia  Kazan.  The story was spiced up to hold one's attention
by presenting a Confidential magazine type exposé of Marilyn's confused sex
life.  But the documentary's bottom-line observation that the witchhunt only
had victims is patently false.  The Hollywood Commies may have been
tragically flawed, but to present rat-fink Kazan as some kind of victim, as
the documentary does, is indicative of the documentary's moral bankruptcy.

The white wash of Kazan was so egregious that I don't think this documentary
could have been made in the 1970s or 1980s when there were still enough
Hollywood lefties around to make a stink and demand that the record be set
straight.  In fact, I recall a PBS documentary made in the 1970s  (or 1980s)
on HUAC and the Hollywood Ten narrated by Burt Lancaster that did coherently
present the case against HUAC and Kazan.

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Subject: Miller, Kazan and Naming Names

Last Night "American Masters" (
aired a documentary on the political, personal and artistic
relationships between Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan that was a rare
fulfillment of the promise of a Public Broadcasting System ....
Dalton Trumbo, a blacklistee, once
said that in that battle there were no heroes or villains, only victims.

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