Getting so much better all the time: Rumsfeld on the power of thinking positively in Iraq

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Fri Sep 5 03:36:01 MDT 2003

Arriving on Thursday in Baghdad on his lightning tour, Rumsfeld claimed
things are looking up in Iraq since major combat as pronounced as finished
on 1 May. It seems like he feels people just ought to apply the power of
thinking positively. After meeting with Bremer and Sanchez, he said "There
has been measurable progress." "It is getting better every day," he added
(Al Jazeera framed that quote on its English home page). As an example of
improvement, Al Jazeera reported, Rumsfeld said that the number of Iraqi
security forces (including police, border guards, militia and army) now
stood at 55,000. He added that the number could rise to 100,000 in the

This is in a nutshell the blinkered christian-fundamentalist
neo-conservative world recommended to all people on the planet: a
"free""(sic.) world where everybody is regimented by police, security
forces, surveillance, spying and fundamentalist morality, where the poor do
as they are told, and the rich can think of "more important" things. More
and more, this is reflected in the objective patterns of world society. I
wonder when I will start hearing Rumsfeld say things like that "the place of
women is in the kitchen, the church or looking after children" ("Kinder,
Kuche, Kirche"). But that is not his policy brief, I guess.

There is a whole marketing "art" to packaging fascist political practices in
christian and humanitarian verbiage, take note ! The endless lying,
twisting, distortion, pollution, misrepresentation and perversion of
language ultimately must mean that speech and language cease to be a means
for direct communication, or at least not a criterion for epistemic
verification - not as a "phase life" but as an enduring culture. Yet we
cannot do without clear language; thus, the only thing we can do, is
criticise the malformed thoughts and linguistic expression relentlessly,
demonstrate the social contradictions which cause them to be expressed, and
talk plainly ourselves. Eventually, the old ideological superstructures of
thought must surely perish.

In 1990, a feminist friend of mine told me, that prior to the invasion of
Poland by the Nazi Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe actually airdropped erotic
literature on Polish territory, presumably as a diversion and distraction
from the offensive. I have not been able to establish whether this actually
happened, but it would not surprise me, in view of the current epoch of
"sexed-up, media-massaged mass murder" unfolding before our very own eyes.

All the twisted rhetoric reported in the news makes me sick, it causes me to
think of the problems of a good investigative journalism, but I cannot solve
those problems just now, I feel exhausted, and I am taking a break.


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