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Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Fri Sep 5 06:47:53 MDT 2003

One thing I never thought I'd hear Workers World being
accused of is "sectarian abstentionism." It's a group of
people who are beyond active in every struggle which is
going on in the mass movement. I've noticed some lack
of interest in electoral politics. WWP is a revolutionary
party with a modest numerical membership and with an
extremely high activist profile (Think: ANSWER)

For the life of me I cannot understand what is the point
of this intransigent hostility? Peter is running a political
campaign which is receiving more media attention than
any other left campaign I can think of in ages, but he's
not saying much on the campaign trail or which gets 
though to the mass media regarding the war and the
occupation of Iraq, the biggest national issue and one
at the heart of the nation's troubles. I know he means
the best. I'm going to vote for him. Look at this profile, 
which he probably helped to flesh out, and you get a 
sense of what he's emphasizing and what he isn't. 

Virtually omitted is any reference to what he did in 
the sixties through the eighties, and not one word 
against the invasion and the occupation:

This electoral activity isn't of such urgency that whether
one small left group or another does or doesn't take
a formal posititon on it means much one way or the
other. "The masses" aren't involved in the campaign
of the Greens. Some may vote for the Greens as a
way of expressing frustration with what is, but it's a
protest vote, not an affirmative statement reflecting
some forward-looking sentiment.

Since September 11th, the United States has been 
in the process of having a slow-motion Reichstag Fire.
The Bush administration, which came to power through
the stolen election of 2000, is trying to ride the extreme
frustration most people have toward stealing another
election through the California recall, and from there 
on to the presidential election in 2004. 

Understanding what is going on is the most important 
thing at this point. This attack on WWP, framed in the
language of historical cataclysmicity (my word, just 
invented) is supposed to advance our ability to
understand the broader trends around us. Jose's
comments are so utterly abstract they don't help to
advance anyone's understanding. It's as if WWP's
actions would make the difference between Peter's
success or failure in the upcoming election. 

Get a grip!



It seems to me as Lou expresses it that the WWP position is simply
sectarian abstentionism. Workers World is just going to abstain from
intervening in the debate and discussions that take this electoral form.
For cover you're formally endorsing the P+F candidate, but it's a
meaningless rote formula, which not even the party's own members take
seriously, for Lou freely admits they plan on doing next to nothing
about it.

This is sectarianism, classic, textbook ultraleft sectarianism. Because
for *you* the elections mean nothing, you refuse to relate to them,
forgetting that what is true for you isn't true for the masses. THEY are
stuck in the swamp of the bourgeois parties and electoralism, but you
won't lift a finger to help get them out, not in that arena.


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