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I get so confused these days:  I ask for references on list
and I get a reply, which lacks references, offlist.  I
respond offlist to the offlist reply, only to see the offlist
reply now appear on list.  And I would say "What can a poor
boy do?" but that would mean quoting from that strutting,
rich, twit who stole everything he doesn't really know how
to do from African-American culture, included his ersatz
dance moves, in reality spastic posing, which he purloined from
James Brown after the TAMI show in what 1964?  And whose other
great contribution to popular culture was hiring the Hells
Angels to terrorize and kill those attending the Altamont
concert.  Sorry to go on about this, but if there ever was
such a thing as cultural primitive accumulation the Rolling
Stones are it, despite the fact that Keith Richards is
everybody's  favorite stupid person.   Note to JB: try the pre-
Tommy Who:
MY Generation, Can't Explain, Subsitute, I'm A Boy-- much
more implicit and trenchant criticism without  the ideo-
logical posing.  After that, Sex Pisols, God Save the Queen,
Anarchy in the UK-- or on this side of the Atlantic, Dead

But back to Rakesh and Post.  As I replied to Rakesh, the
arguments Rakesh claims Post makes he is certainly not making,
to my reading, in the article in the J of A C.

Rakesh says:  "In the end, slavery stood in the way of
capitalism according to Post; even the Northern merchants who
were enriched thereby throttled the development of Northern
industry. Slavery was not the pivot of capitalist development
but rather a fetter overall and for the most throughout American

I would say history has confirmed the validity of that
 particular bit of analysis.  In the end slavery did stand in
the way.  Even the merchants of the North were an obstacle,
going so far as to support the copperheads and the peace
Democrats and worse, agitate against the draft. Slavery may
have been a pivot, but that does not prevent it from becoming
a fetter.

To paraphrase from the lines of Private Hudson in "Aliens,"

"Maybe I ain't keepin' up on current events, but the South
got its ass kicked back there."  There was a Civil War, the
grip of the slaver property on the US was broken, the expansion
of  free soil, free labor, industrial capitalism both pre-figured
and followed the conflict.


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