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Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Sep 5 16:03:37 MDT 2003

Walter writes about Peter Camejo's campaign:

"Look at this profile, which he probably helped to flesh out, and you
get a sense of what he's emphasizing and what he isn't. Virtually
omitted is any reference to what he did in the sixties through the
eighties, and not one word against the invasion and the occupation:


Okay, I looked. This was the FIRST sentence:

"OAKLAND -- Peter Camejo, the Green Party's gubernatorial recall
candidate, was kicked out of UC Berkeley for his anti-war agitation in
the 1960s, ran for president as a socialist in the mid-'70s, criticized
U.S. military involvement in Central America in the '80s and today
advocates higher taxes on the wealthy."

If this is the way Peter is hiding his antiwar, socialist, and
class-based views, he's a lot less competent a campaigner than I


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