Shiite leader of Hizbullah urges Iraq Shiite-Sunni unity: Najaf slaughter aided Israel, US

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Nasrallah Accuses Israel As Part Of Najaf Bombing

By Mohammed Ajami The Daily Star - Lebanon

Hizbullah's secretary-general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, gave an
address on the assassination of Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim Monday night,
accusing the Israeli Mossad of the explosion that killed the Iraqi
cleric and some 83 people at the Imam Ali shrine in Najaf, Iraq.

Nasrallah also said it was possible that the blast could have been
arranged by Saddam Hussein or by Sunni extremists, but he emphasized
the regional equation that Israel and America stand to benefit the
most from the death of al-Hakim, and suggested Iraqis to examine the
possibility of such an action by the Israelis.

Nasrallah did not provide any proof for his allegation but justified
it by saying it was in the interests of Israel to eliminate Hakim,
since Iraq under Hakim would have been an Iraq that supports the
Palestinian people. He also said that the bombing was sophisticated
and beyond the capability of individuals without organizational

In response to analysis of Hakim's death, pointing toward a
Sunni-Shiite war, Nasrallah said he could not confirm such a claim,
but to assume it would have very grave implications. He said that the
Americans were seeking to bring about such a war because it was in
their interests to destroy Muslim unity as the only remaining defense
for the umma (Muslim nation). He added that such a war would have
catastrophic consequences for the region as it would set the stage for
future American rule and allow for the possibility of total bloodshed
amongst Muslims.

He said that the biggest danger at the moment comes from extreme
groups within Muslim ranks, who have been created and nurtured by
America. Not wanting to name names, he said that even America has
experienced first-hand a sample of what they can do and therefore is
in a hurry to accomplish its goals. In dealing with the emerging
threat of an internal Muslim war, Nasrallah called on scholars from
both sects to tackle radical elements within their own ranks that
encourage and propagate such a war. "The Shiite scholars are
responsible when a Shiite attacks the Sunnis, and the Sunni scholars
are responsible when a Sunni attacks the Shiites," he said.

With regard to the vanished Imam Musa Sadr, whose 25th annual
disappearance commemoration was held three days ago, Nasrallah
criticized and ridiculed a recent statement released by the Libyan
Embassy in Lebanon. These demanded information from the conflicting
Lebanese parties on the whereabouts of the Imam. Nasrallah slammed
Moammar Gadhafi, the Libyan leader, and said if Gadhafi can now
confess to the Lockerbie attack in 1988, after years of denial, then
he can also confess as to the whereabouts of Musa Sadr and his two

In another development, the Israeli Haaretz daily newspaper reported
Tuesday that the army radio had said that the Shin Bet security
services has ordered increased security around a number of Israeli
government ministers, fearing that Hamas would follow through its
threats to revenge Israelâs recent assassinations of a number of
militant leaders.

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