More on the Greens, Workers World, and Peace and Freedom

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sat Sep 6 21:41:53 MDT 2003

Lou demands that I provide a "decision procedure" for seeing whether
support for a Ross Perot or Jesse Ventura is merited.

Really, Lou, if you guys can't answer that for yourselves, I think you
and your friends are in the wrong line of business.

As for whether the WWP is engaged in typical sect politics, consider
this remarkable outpouring of super-r-r-r-revolutionary phrase

See, my alternate hypothesis is that the masses are basically trapped,
by their own stupidity or passivity or faith in or acceptance of the
two-party system, but by the fact that this is the Dictatorship of the
Bourgeoisie.  Furthermore, my hypothesis is that the masses are more
of this than you think they are.  They know that this is the
dictatorship of
the bourgeoisie.  They know that these are bourgeois elections.  They
that nothing that happens in the elections is going to change the fact
this is the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.  They know that the only
they have that can be expressed through the elections is the choice
the Democratic frying pan and the Republican fire, except on the rare
occasions when both seem completely indistinguishable.  They know all
things and are correct about them.  Perhaps they have not more, but
electoral illusions than some people on the left.

What Paulsen presents here could have been lifted from a pamphlet by the
German and other left communists in 1919-1920. "... All reversion to
parliamentary forms of struggle, which have become historically and
politically obsolete, must be emphatically rejected," they wrote,
summarizing the essence of Lou's argument.

This ultraleft stance then leads him to counterpose various things, like
relating to the Greens to organizing against the war. This
counterposition is totally arbitrary. Why not, for example, counterpose
selling newspapers to organizing against the war? The argument is purely
random, and not too cleverly presented at that.


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