Junaid Alam's response re Lerner, two-state solution

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Sep 7 10:23:50 MDT 2003

I think Palestinians -- ordinary and otherwise -- have a deep stake in
the forging of a united, massive, nonexclusionary movement against the
US occupation of Iraq. I believe the defeat of the US occupation -- a
fight which is only in its very early stages, in my opinion -- will be
a tremendous victory for the Palestinian struggle.

I am for a unitary Palestine and against the state of Israel, period.
But I don't think opposition to a two-state "solution" in Palestine
can be a precondition for participation in this fight.  This is hardly
a settled question among Palestinians anywhere in the world, let alone
Jews and others.  An antiwar movement composed solely of unconditional
opponents of a two-state "solution" would be very tiny indeed.

I believe an open attitude toward the participation of forces in the
Jewish community for the Iraq struggle, including encouraging the
participation of types like Michael Lerner to the extent they are open
to doing so, creates an atmosphere friendly to reaching out most
broadly among the growing numbers in the Jewish community who are
having growing doubts about the role the U.S. ruling class, the
Israeli ruling class, and the leadership of the organized Jewish
community in the United States are pursuing.  If Lerner jumps ship
again, he will be defeated politically again, and the openness of the
movement will contribute to that defeat.

This basic openness does not need to be modified in order to keep
Lerner out. If he wants to exclude himself, he has proven he is
perfectly competent to do so.

Basically, I think the same is true about the building of a broad
fight to end US support to the Israeli state, which -- whatever the
differences the Israeli rulers may have with Washington from time to
time -- is not an independent power but wholly dependent on enormous
infusions of money and other aid from the US and German imperialists.
I don't think such a fight should be limited to people who oppose a
two-state "solution".  I doubt that all the suicide bombers have been
opposed to a two-state "solution".  And I believe that such a fight
must take full advantage of every favorable or potentially favorable
fissure in the Jewish community in the United States.

A broad fight against the occupation of Iraq, reaching into the GIs
and the labor movmeent and the communities of the oppressed
nationalities, is an enormous contribution to making possible a more
effective fight against US bankrolling of the aggressive, colonial
Israeli state.

Of course, these fights in the United States cannot be built from
Palestine but only in the United States.  And I think Palestinians
have a strong interest in our going about it the right way, including
in relation to rabbis, "ranting" or soft-spoken.

I think that's all I have to say on this subject.
Fred Feldman

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