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While I don't like to parse, a few on this piece because it proposes some
direct analyses, and evaluations that require a direct response:
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> The primitive accumulation of capital is a description of a historical
> that brings something new into existence. Primitive accumulation is not a
> class relationship or a property relationship. Nor is it a production
dms:  Think MP is real close to being dead on target.  Primitive
accumulation is not about reproduction of a mode of production.  US slavery
WAS by virtue of its historical position integrated into a system requiring
reproduction. Its failure to "keep up," based on its internal configuration
of production, it's "backward" inability to achieve the radical separation
of the means of production from labor dooms slavery within that system of
> I have experienced this process in the flesh on the basis of thirty years
> the auto industry and remain unimpressed by a mass of statistics that miss
> point and lack Marxist clarification. How many vehicles are sold in
> How many of these vehicles were made in America? How man-hours went into
> vehicles?  What is the size of the world workforce producing vehicles
> worldwide?  From 1972 - 2002 vehicles sold in America jumped from twelve
million to
> seventeen million with a radical and absolute decline in the work force
> producing these vehicles. At Ford Rouge Local 600 - once the largest
> center in the "free world," every active workers is matched with three
> retired workers today.
dms:  MP is not almost dead on target here, he is exactly on target.  Line
auto production labor inputs per unit have declined some 40% since 1973.
MP: Here is the real permanent social revolution and its economic
> content any school child can understand. Here is the economic content and
> in which I understand Comrade DMS periodic articles on overproduction and
> it pinpoint devaluation - "destruction of the commodity form" or
> valueless production" or in the language of our modern bourgeoisie, or
> those regarded as bourgeoisie, "profitless prosperity."  Overcapacity or
> underutilization and an absolute surplus - mass of capital that cannot be
> profitably invested in the production of commodities, is overproduction.
> capital is the face of this stage of the crisis of overproduction.
dms:  For a guy who doesn't cotton to Trotsky, MP sure has grasped the real
content of permanent revolution and its linkage to overproduction.

 MP: The connecting tissue of the contradiction is
> "broken" and the two basic properties, which once governed the
self-movement of
> the contradiction, enter an era of existence no longer "connected."  Not
> simply polarization of wealth and poverty, but something different.
> collision is the watchword - the umbilical cord is "severed."
dms: Again, MP is hitting it on the good foot, analyzing, not just
describing, the manifestations of the conflict between means and social
relations of production.

End of parsing.  MP's subsequent analysis is highly thoughtful and
provocative.  I am not sure I have grasped all of it, and I think I disagree
with some elements, but having said that, I know MP well enough to know he
will provide extensive amplifications of his analysis of the essential new
qualitative ingredients and how that translates for concrete action.  I do
remember way back when MP and I were constantly at loggerheads being knocked
out by his direct advocacy of a labor party for such action, a position I
held and hold.


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