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Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Sep 7 13:04:35 MDT 2003

All Soldiers Will Be Fighters in the New Army

FORT MONROE, Va., Sept. 4 — The Army is looking to instill the
fighting spirit in some unlikely combatants — its cooks, mechanics and
other support troops who are normally far from the front lines.

Unlike the Marine Corps, whose credo is that every marine is first and
foremost a rifleman, the Army has too many soldiers who have lost
touch with their inner warrior, said Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes, the Army's
top training general.

And, he said, it is time the Army borrowed a lesson from the Marines.

"We've become too specialized," said General Byrnes, the head of
Training and Doctrine Command here. "Ask a junior enlisted who they
are, and they'll tell you, `I'm a mechanic,' not I'm a soldier. We
need to change that culturally in the Army."


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