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   What do you mean by right-opportunist? I wasn't aware that calling
   attention to the foolishness of setting off pipe-bombs in the name
   of "the people" was right-opportunist. Who are you, anyhow? A
   middle-aged veteran of SDS-Weathermen still fighting battles of the
   1960s and 70s like a Japanese soldier on some Pacific atoll who
   hasn't learned that WWII is over? Pathetic.

Talk about the passionate indignation of the
intellectual. Nevertheless, I do draw a line of distinction between
the "petty bourgeois terrorist" of the 1960 and 70's - here and in
Germany and Italy, and the imperial terrorist of today.

Today's imperial terrorist of the likes of Mr. Laden is very
different. The logic of his early campaign against Soviet power is
obvious today to even the most naive. Bin Laden is a bourgeois
imperial terrorist and his fight - purporting to be on behalf of the
working class masses, is no different - in its ideological content,
from the Southern reactionary politicians who claim to speak on behalf
of the Southern white masses.

You did not imply otherwise but there is a small story in this.

The terrorist of the late 60s and 1970s scared the hell out of all of
us in Detroit. When Katherine Cleaver of the Black Panthers made a
speech printed in the Black Panther Party newspapers talking about
bombing the workers out of the factory, that was super fucked
up. Everybody - black, white, "Arab," Mexican, Albania, Polish, etc.,
was like ... shit.

At one point in Detroit we had recruited 90% of the Black Panther
Party into the old League of Revolutionary Black Workers and this
created a historical tension. After the South End newspaper was
captured by John Watson and we ran on the mask of the paper "One Class
Conscious Worker is Worth a Thousand Students" and "DRUM: Vanguard of
the Black Revolution" the Panthers sent Fred Hampton to Detroit to
"straighten us out."  Fred meet with General Baker and both hit it off
pretty good and no violence between us every took place.

We grieved the death - murder, of Fred Hampton at the hands of the
Chicago Police because he was a man of principle and not constrained
by ideological proclamations.

The Panther's would later reorganize at the hands of a young
adventurer named Malik and later form its United Front Against
Fascism. The relations would always be tense because we did a critique
of Eldridge Cleavers book "Soul On Ice" and called it "Sold Out Nice"
in our paper - Inner City Voice. We called Mr.  Cleaver "Mr. Clever."
His glorification of the gun - in Detroit!!! - "Murder Capital" - with
more deaths than the civil war in Ireland, was outrageous.  Perhaps it
was mistaken to label them police agents bent on sending people to
their death by exposing people of deep moral conviction to the armed
onslaught of the state.

It is of course ridiculous - insanity, to justify raping women because
they are white. Eldridge was what we called a "tree jumper" - a
fu*king rapist hiding behind a tree in the dark, and labeled him the
degenerate he always was and remained.  We were always very angry at
labeling any black mutherfu*ker with a beef against someone or who in
a drunken state denounce the "system" revolutionary, when these
"revolutionary" fu*ks would allows the rapist wife to advocate bombing
us because we were not revolutionary to their liking.

Don't get me wrong. The state violence against the Panthers was
criminal contempt for humanity. Now a section of the population
supports terrorist actions for a complex of reasons. I sear to this
day there is a generation sprinkled with the name "SinQ" - from the
Black Liberation Army of the Patty Hearst fame.  We recruited many of
these guys who tended to be organized into street gangs and they would
scare the crap out of us.

Detroit never broke into social structures of gang members like
Chicago and Philadelphia because we got to the gangs first and blocked
the bourgeoisie.  President Nixon's program of black capitalism
targeted gangs as organizational structures for entrepuenrers. In
Chicago the rise of the Black Stone Nation and the P Stone Nation was

I do not condemn class violence and have no right to tell anyone how
to fight back against an agency of oppression and murder. Bombing
workers out of the factories in Americ a is a little to rich for my

The school of capital is a training ground and a lesson is going to be
taught in 4 days when the autoworkers contract expires. Bitter lessons
are being taught to our class and I hate the slogan "the more poverty
the better for the revolution" but this is the logic of life that
compels soceity to leap forward.

I would rather fight to organize the fight for the victory of the
workers in their current struggle and hurl insults instead of bombs. I
am of course talking about America in general and Detroit in

Yes, the Northern middle class Yankee terrorist of the 60s and 70s
should be released from jail. They have paid enough for their point of
view. I vote for their immediate and unconditional release with the
understanding that we ain't throwing bombs at factories or government
buildings because we hate the bourgeois property relations. Here I am
speaking about the nation in the North of the American Union and the
struggle within the North of the American Union and not Ireland for
instance. I donot have a public political opinion about another
persons "thing."

I have a couple of "partners" from history who named their first born
males "Sin Q" and this reminds me of the name Sambo and why it went
the way of history although the direction of the motion is different.

Thanks for the correction of the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin by the

Melvin P.

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