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Les Schaffer:
>>I'm almost afraid to ask, but who is Keith Windschuttle and why did he
write a book entitled: "The Fabrication of Aboriginal History"?>>

Bob Gould wrote an essay outlining something of Windschuttle's journey from
left to right, "Deconstructing the Sixties and the Seventies, An Open letter
to Keith and Liz Windschuttle", which is available at

In particular, Windschuttle was on the editorial board of a very good
newspaper The Old Mole, published out of Sydney University in 1970. He now
blames John Steinbeck's writings on the American Dust Bowl for influencing
him to the left when he was an impressionable youth.

Most recently Windschuttle has begun a major historical project to discredit
the view that the Australian Aborigines were deliberately massacred by
European settlers. This is part of the far right's campaign against the
supposed domination of history departments by Marxists and pinkos.

An earlier episode in this campaign involved an ultimately farcical claim
that Manning Clark, a left Social Democrat who was one of the first to write
Australian history from an Australian, rather than European, point of view,
was actually a closet Stalinist who had received the Order of Lenin. It
turned out that Clark was once seen wearing a Lenin badge, of the sort that
used to be produced in China and distributed by the local Maoists,
presumably as some sort of joke on Lenin's birthday or some such. When asked
about it, he responded that it was an Order of Lenin, and this led to a
major red-baiting campaign by the right a few years later, after Clark's
death, including a series of articles in the Brisbane Courier Mail (a
Murdoch paper), then edited by Chris Mitchell, who is now one of the two
editors of The Australian.

Windschuttle and a group of right-wing writers, journalists, etc, are
clustered around a magazine, Quadrant, and the op-ed page of The Australian
often resembles a Quadrant supplement, as Mitchell's co-editor, Michael
Stutchbury is also a far-right type.

A major target of the Quadrant gang now is Stuart MacIntyre, professor of
history at Melbourne University, who is alleged to be the Godfather of
Australian history departments, responsible for promoting mediocre lefties
above brilliant right-wingers (who are not really right-wing at all, but

Ed Lewis

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