EuroGreens, Camejo, and Iraq

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Sun Sep 7 20:20:39 MDT 2003

> I believe explaining the need for working people to break from
> the
> two party system in as concrete a way as possible is of paramount
> importance.

And I think such a break is absolutely meaningless unless it means a
REAL break from the ruling class, "liberalism," the whole nine yards.
If it's just a way to substitute either one of the two parties with
another, the break is meaningless. If the Democrats are out of the
picture and the Greens are in, the reality is that the Greens will
simply become the Democrats under a new name. (Think Germany.) Without
that break from the *bourgeois political system*, as opposed to just
the Democrats, it's not a break at all--the change is purely

Call me "super r-r-r-evolutionary," but it's not clear to me at this
time that Camejo represents such a break. Nor is it clear to the WWP
comrades, and it doesn't make the least bit of sense to me to call them
"sectarian" simply because they--horror of horrors--decided to endorse
a SOCIALIST campaign.

Breaking with the Democrats is simply NOT ENOUGH. Several times in the
history of the US one of the two main parties has fallen, and a new
"second" party developed, but the two-bourgeois-party system has


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