Dear Keith Windschuttle

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Sep 8 03:12:17 MDT 2003

Honestly I think there is no mystery what turned Windschuttle to the dark
side.  It was the fall of the Soviet Union and the demise of the CPA.

When the Communist Party ceased to be able to guarantee publications etc
then a lot of fellow travellers decided to come in from the Cold.

I have read Windschuttle attack on postmodernist history and really it is
quite awful, in its Philistinism.  His comments on Hegel are actually just
simply stupid.  His attacks on Heidegger are no better and his endorsement
of Anglo-philosophy are just part of the good old Aussie cringe.  I wonder
if anyone has told Windschuttle about the role of Wittgenstein, (a German
speaking poofter no less!) in the development of that same philosophy!



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