Barry Sheppard on the Camejo campaign

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This two articles that give the perspective of Barry
Sheppard on the California elections and the Peter
Camejo campaign. Sheppard is an ex leader of the US
SWP currently active in Solidarity.

Green cadidate challenges two party system

by Barry Sheppard


'A key part of Camejo's message is to break with the
Democrats and Republicans. Some in the Green Party
don't agree with all of Camejo's positions. A tug of
war is occurring behind the scenes, which is reflected
in Green Party campaign literature that tones down
Camejo's positions. 

`Anyone but Bush'

The most important division in the party is over
whether Camejo should run against the Democrats and
Republicans at all. Many do not agree with breaking
with both capitalist parties. There is even a Greens'
anti-Camejo web site. 

Underneath all this is the rising pressure from
sections of the trade union bureaucracy, as well as
some socialists, Greens and progressives, who argue
for “anyone but Bush” in the 2004 presidential
elections. This position is reflected in the Nation

his conclusion is basically the same as Jose Perez's

'There are three socialists on the ballot: CT Weber of
the Peace and Freedom Party; Joel Britton of the
Socialist Workers Party; and John Burton for the
Socialist Equality Party. 

Camejo is not running against any of these socialist
candidates, but against the Democrats and Republicans.
He is much more widely known than the three
socialists, and his campaign is having a much bigger
impact. In this election, it is more important to vote
for a break with the capitalist parties, through a
vote for Camejo, than it is to vote for “socialism”.' 

full at:


Camejo popularises break with 'two party system'


'The Greens will have to fight to be included in the
remaining debates before the October 7 election. The
more exposure they get, the more the idea of breaking
with the Democrats and Republicans will be
popularised, whatever Camejo's vote in this election.' - Yahoo! Search
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