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Looking at Jose's response to my comment, I must say
I'm feeling rather foolish. In the interests of confession
being good for the soul, I was mistaken. I'm spending
far too much time on the computer, that's for sure... 

I've known Peter for forty years. I'm voting for him, 
enthusiastically, as I have mentioned previously. 

My concern was on the way Peter hasn't injected the 
war into the campaign, which I think is the biggest of
all the issues. Maybe it's my past experience in the 
SWP speaking here, but the war is the issue which
the campaign needs to have injected most of all.

Still, I am supporting Peter because he's got
the best chance of doing this and of having an 
audible impact on the campaign as a whole. 

The Peace and Freedom Party's literature doesn't
mention the war or demand withdrawal from all of
the occuppied countries, either. I notice that the
Socialist Workers Party is running Joel Britton in
the recall and he does advocate these ideas, a
stand which is to its credit. 

If the issure here was related to formal program, 
I suppose I'd be closest to the SWP, but not being 
involved in the organizational aspects, I am only 
offering a few observations on this. 


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RE: More on the Greens, WWP, PFP

Walter writes about Peter Camejo's campaign:

"Look at this profile, which he probably helped to flesh out, and you
get a sense of what he's emphasizing and what he isn't. Virtually
omitted is any reference to what he did in the sixties through the
eighties, and not one word against the invasion and the occupation:


Okay, I looked. This was the FIRST sentence:

"OAKLAND -- Peter Camejo, the Green Party's gubernatorial recall
candidate, was kicked out of UC Berkeley for his anti-war agitation in
the 1960s, ran for president as a socialist in the mid-'70s, criticized
U.S. military involvement in Central America in the '80s and today
advocates higher taxes on the wealthy."

If this is the way Peter is hiding his antiwar, socialist, and
class-based views, he's a lot less competent a campaigner than I


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