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The August Crisis of the US Occupation of Iraq 

1. The month of August brought forth a new crisis for
the US occupiers of Iraq. The US Command and the
Pentagon, who tried to deny for months that resistance
to the occupation was growing and expanding, were
forced to admit at the beginning of the month that
full-fledged guerrilla warfare was being waged against
US/British troops.

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At the Gates of Persia
How and Why the US is Preparing the Case Against Iran
By Jesse A. Powell

And so it begins again. Even with the fires in Iraq
still smoldering, with the country in chaos and
anarchy (save for those areas the US military feels
like policing such as deposed Iraqi President Saddam
Hussein’s palaces and the oil fields), the US has
begun the drumroll for a new war, this time against
the Islamic Republic of Iran, to ostensibly rid the
country of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and
bring about “regime change,” with the replacement
regime being long-time cronies and supporters of the
US’s imperialistic “neo-conservative” policy for total
global US military/economic hegemony.

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Mexico's mid term election report: What's Next?
By Carlos Estrada

In the latest round of elections in Mexico on July 6,
the first nation-wide elections since Vicente Fox
became president three years ago, the Mexican
electorate delivered Fox a resounding thrashing,
rebuffing his candidates for Congress, state
governorships and some other local offices.

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Ecuador: the Colonel who lost his leftist groove
By Andres Santana

When he was elected President of Ecuador, Colonel
Lucio Gutiérrez was considered the “darling of the
Left,” and commentators rushed to compare him with
Venezuela’s Chavez, a populist nationalist bourgeois.

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Ecuador II: Gutierrez' trail, the real record
By Dheyanira Calahorrano

Ecuador has been rocked in the last three years by
political events such as indigenous peoples’ revolts,
the overthrow of governments, the creation of new
political parties, turmoil in the universities.

Last October, the so-called “candidate of the left,”
former Colonel Lucho Gutiérrez, qualified to go into
the second round against the most stereotypical of the
right wing candidates: banana landowner and
millionaire Alvaro Noboa.

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