Pepe Mujica: Victorious revolutions

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Mon Sep 8 09:34:16 MDT 2003

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That is an interesting statement to translate because he implies that
revolutions become poison because they have to present themselves as having
the total truth: "el paquete completo".  I think the emphasis is on
"completo", not "paquete", which could be translated a lot of different

I would translate it as follows:

"Victorious revolutions end up becoming poison because they're leaders try
to shove the whole enchilada down your throat like there's no other mexican
restaurants in town!"

This may seem a bit wordy, but like Lawrence Ferlinghetti said about
translating:  "They're like spouses; faithful ones aren't beautiful,
beautiful ones aren't faithful."  (I translated Ferlinghetti's original
"wives" for "spouses" to reflect the linguistic changes since he originally
uttered it.")

Paul H. Dillon

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