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Mon Sep 8 12:15:20 MDT 2003

Only one point beyond that I want to make - the
military defeat of Iraqi Baathism by US imperialism
was NOT a victory of any sort for the people of Iraq,
even if every single one of them hated Hussein. You
can not seperate the 'fall of Hussein' from the
occupation of Iraq by an imperialist army - they are
simply two sides of the same coin.

All the best, Anthony

Response Jim C: As they used to say in China: "Don't bring the tiger in
through the backdoor to chase out the wolf at the front door". The record is
clear that U.S. imperialism trained, armed and even gave sensitive
intelligence they don't give to their Zionist minions to the
despotic/thug/kleptocracy regime of Saddam Hussein. Saddam did the bidding
of U.S. imperialism from murders of Iraqi "communists" from lists provided
by CIA (as they have done in so many other places like Indonesia) to
prosecution of bloody wars against Iran, the Kurds, the Shiites and others
to providing secure supplies of relatively cheap oil with little of the
revenues "trickling down" to the masses.

Jim C.

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