Nick Fredman sra at alsvid.scu.edu.au
Mon Sep 8 20:10:10 MDT 2003

Bob Gould writes

>I have been involved, here
>in Australia, along with others, in a strenuous battle in the Sydney
>anti war movement, defending the immediate withdrawal of all
>imperialist troops from Iraq.

I'd agree with Bob that some of this debate has been a bit
unbalanced, eg Jose Perez calling his ideas "social imperialist",
when there are real live and kickin' social imperialists who've split
the movement in Sydney, and now Perth, (see
http://www.greenleft.org.au/current/553p4c.htm) ie Laborites,
liberals, and Stalinists who very clearly support a UN occupation,
and I'm sure there are similar forces in the US and all over. While
Bob seems confused about the anti-imperialist axis of the struggle in
Iraq and our solidarity with it, I think this is a tactical
discussion among those opposing imperialism, and Bob's points about
raising awareness about workers and unemployed struggles and
anti-occupation mass actions in Iraq, and our opposition to
right-wing nationalism and Islamism, are important aspects, for
socialists, of educating people attracted to the anti-war movement,
if done within a clear anti-imperialist stand-point.

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