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Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Mon Sep 8 21:41:02 MDT 2003

Jose wrote:

>And a post from Armand Diego and now Barry's articles in Green Left
>Weekly indicate he is campaigning against the war, which should soothe
>many worries people have expressed.

I couldn't find the post from Armand that Jose was referring to; Barry's
article says "He calls for bringing the troops home now from Iraq and
Afghanistan." That (presumably) answers one question I had. It doesn't
explain why this information is nowhere to be found on Camejo's website (at
least, it wasn't yesterday when I looked), nor does it excuse the lack of
mention of this subject in the public debate.

I don't know in what context Camejo has presented this position. It's one
thing to go speak at an antiwar rally or speak to a group of supporters. Its
another, and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, to take advantage of a chance to address
all the people of California (ok, the ones watching the debate and the ones
who see the excerpts on the news). As an item I picked up today on Left I on
the News points out, for example, the $87 billion just requested by Bush
would eliminate the debt of EVERY STATE in the country. SURELY this is
relevant, HIGHLY relevant, to his campaign.

Just to further illustrate what I'm getting at, I got a fund-raising letter
from the Camejo campaign today. In five pages, it's filled with a discussion
of electoral strategy, polls, getting in the debates, etc. It does certainly
talk about "political independence," and contrast the GP campaign with that
of Huffington in that regard. But out of five pages, here's pretty much the
only thing it says about issues: "We want to show what is really happening
to our ecological system, to the workplace, and to minority communities,
especially due to funding cutbacks," as well as a mention of "get out the
facts and help people fighting for the environment and social justice."
Nothing wrong with any of this, but nothing even remotely radical.

Reinforcing what I said previously about WHY it might be that Camejo isn't
speaking out about Iraq (although now I'm told that he is, somewhere), the
letter includes this line: "Peter Miguel Camejo will follow the democratic
decisions of the Green Party of California with regard to the relationship
between the Camejo Campaign and the Huffington Campaign." Geez, what are
they, some kind of democratic centralist organization or something? ;-)

Just some observations.

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