Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Mon Sep 8 23:18:34 MDT 2003

David Quarter wrote:

>Yet, people scraping by on min. wage or on welfare, who work 16 hours a day
>6 days a week, have families to look after, face constant discrimination
>and harassment by  government and 'private sector' agencies , live in a
>crime ridden neibourhoods and are in constantly in fear of gangs, drug
>pushers or the boys blue will not be much impressed with politicians who
>speak passionately about the suffering of people on the opposite side of
>the globe.  It's the 'concrete' issues  that will most interest them.

Well heck. Maybe Camejo should come out in favor of more cops on the
streets, or more money for prisons, or maybe even a two-strikes law - that
three strikes law isn't doing enough to get those criminals off the street.

I'm sure you weren't implying what I just said. But I'll just remind you
that it wasn't long ago that Jerry Brown had a radio show on KPFA, sounding
very much the left-wing radical, and before long he was Mayor of Oakland and
doing just the kind of thing I was talking about in the last paragraph.
That's not to imply anything about Camejo's past or future trajectory, but
just to note that a focus on "concrete" issues is exactly what led Jerry
Brown to where he is today.

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