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The reason you couldn't find Armand's post is that it was a forward from
Les, not from Armand's email.

It is here: If you keep
emails, or if it scrolls from the recent 100 by the time you see this,
the subject line was: "(fwd from Armand Diego) Camejo for
Governor,Gonzalez for Mayor (answer to Eli, Lou, David, Jose)." It is
from Sunday afternoon.

Barry's article mentions some of the infighting going on among the
Greens. I assume some of the reasons for the wording in the campaign
letter you mention may be related to that.

BTW I've been checking out your blog. It is a good read, especially when
you reach back and drag up something like the early May NYTimes article
about the Bushites projecting they'd only have 30K troops in Iraq by

I *agree* with you that is was disappointing Camejo didn't raise Iraq in
the debate; but especially after seeing the Armand and Barry material,
I'm not nearly so stressed out about it as you are. I assume that the
picture one gets from those is the case, that he does in fact campaign
around the issue. I think it is something that should be raised
consistently but the central message of the campaign I think should be
political independence, that the capitalist parties are, well,
capitalist parties, which he did admirably well. At least that's what
makes sense to me from afar. (See also below a press report on how he
raised the Iraq issue to drive home the point about political

I'm not sure if you're able to follow Spanish-language media, but if
you're not, I don't think you're getting the full impact that Peter's
campaign is having.

La Opinion, which is the biggest Spanish language daily in the U.S. and
the main one in LA, has had 40 articles mentioning Camejo in the last
month, 11 in the last week, including a front-page thumb sucker ("news
analysis") of the debate that proclaims him the winner, having made the
best presentations.

And in searching for that, I also found this in the Sacramento Bee on

* * *

150 at rally cheer Camejo, others

By Stephen Magagnini -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 a.m. PDT Monday, September 8, 2003

It was the radical 1960s all over again at a progressive rally at
California State University, Sacramento, on Sunday night.

A cavalcade of speakers, including gubernatorial candidates Peter Camejo
of the Green Party and C.T. Weber of the Peace & Freedom Party,
alternately painted a doomsday portrait of California and the nation
plus one of a brighter tomorrow relatively free of racism, violence,
poverty and corporate greed.

Camejo worked himself into a frenzy, attacking the Democratic Party for
selling out to President Bush on Iraq -- then called Gov. Gray Davis a
felon for allegedly taking contributions for favors.

"When Davis said four more years, I said four to 10," said Camejo, who
drew a standing ovation from most of the 150 people in the crowd, split
evenly between college kids and folks over 50. The election forum was
sponsored by the Greater Sacramento Progressive Coalition.

* * *

I also thought the description of Weber's talk was interesting: 

* * *
Weber of the Peace & Freedom Party, meanwhile, offered a utopian
socialist vision of California with free university educations, free
health care, a 30-hour workweek with no loss in pay, a doubling of the
minimum wage, property taxes based on the ability to pay and a massive
public works program to create jobs.

He said a vote for him would not be wasted: "As Dr. Spock said, 'As long
as we vote for the lesser evil, we will always have evil.' "

* * *

It looks like the issue of undocumented workers is about to become even
more central to the campaign; the racists have just announced a petition
drive to have a referendum on the drivers' license issue after Davis
signed a bill that is even less restrictive than the one he vetoed a
year ago for being too loose.


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