Re.: More Anti-Global Warming FlimFlam

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Sep 8 23:39:35 MDT 2003

I thought they were connected with brownwashing outfits like the Coal

SO basically they take specific scientific findings out of context to
make the point that the sky is not falling?  The type does bandy about
snide innuendos, Chicken Littles flying off the handle overboard and all
that.  Of course, the reverse is stay the course, full speed ahead (to
mix a met.).  Ruddy Charge of the Lite Brigade, wot?  Typical
imperialist "conservative" position.

They do seem to attract lucre, and such quarters seem to be the
scientific source of choice for the current US Administration,
reasonably enough.  Julian Simon at the University of Virginia may be
their leading light (another mixed met. implied, viz. the Angel of Light
--> the Prince of Darkness).

Such flimflams are not mere fiddlefaddle, however.  Capitalists use
their diversionary pseudo-science to confound the public, bog debate
past general comprehension, and stall the necessary immediate changes to
the order, i.e., its replacement.

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