Bogged Down in Iraq

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Here is a lengthy article from the September issue of
"Socialism Today", the magazine of the Socialist Party
in Britain, on the subject of occupation and
resistance in Iraq. Those following the
Gould/Nestor/Jose/etc debate may find it of interest.

"Socialism Today" is a monthly magazine, which
provides space for more considered and in-depth
articles than can regularly appear in the "Socialist",
the SP's weekly newsaper. An archive of every issue
for years is on the website I link to below.

Particularly worth a look are some of the covers,
normally full-colour cartoons. Unfortunately the
present issue has a slightly bland photo on the cover.

Is mise le meas
Brian Cahill


WE HAVE MADE good progress", claimed Bush on the
hundredth day after he declared the end of major
military operations in Iraq on May 1. "Iraq is more
secure. The economy is beginning to improve".
(International Herald Tribune, 9 August) This was in
the realm of political fantasy, as recent events make

The killing by US troops of Saddam’s sons, Uday and
Qusay, on 22 July was a ‘turning point’, according to
the Bush leadership, despite the fact that Saddam
himself has not been captured or killed. The number of
attacks on US and British forces, however, has
continued to increase, with two or three US troops
being killed every day. Between 1 May and 26 August,
139 US troops were killed, 62 in combat and 77 in
accidents – exceeding the 138 killed between the start
of the war in March and 1 May.

The growing resistance partly reflects rising
frustration and anger at electricity and water
shortages, aggravating chaotic and intolerable
conditions. It is also a reaction to the provocative
weapons searches and arrests carried out by US forces,
often involving fire-fights and the deaths of
unfortunate bystanders.

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