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>    How to avoid getting sued by the RIAA

A cursory look at the site, while it does speak up for file-sharing and
against intellectual property rights (a term that is being used less and
less to describe this phenomenon), it seems to be pointing to a ll the
panic options: How one can do what the RIAA wants before they bug you.

It should be noted that the RIAA is not even trying to sue people outside
of the US, whihc in today's all-encompassing mass media gets obscured by
all the discussion over the issue.

This is obviously a campaign oredered by someone at the head of the RIAA
who has little to no knowledge of the technology involved in these
programs, since anyone with a little information (and that's all I posess)
can point out that this is a losing battle and the RIAA is runnin the
danger of stretching itself out into nowhere.


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