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Tue Sep 9 16:26:08 MDT 2003

Norway, yes Norway, has an Africa news site at:

Daily news updates are provided free via email, with much interesting

>From the 9/3 update, for example:
Africa at large: Millions of women still trek farther for water

...The UN report agrees:  "The relationship between poverty and evironmental
resources also has a strong gender component.  Poor women and girl are hurt
disproportionately by environmental degradation, often because they are
responsible for collecting fuel, fodder, water."

In Africa, women spend up to three hours a day just fetching water,
expending more than a third of their daily food intake because deforestation
forces them to walk farther and spend more time and energy collecting fuel
And not just deforestation.  Under the IMF/WB "workout" terms, Senegal
dismantled its system of free education, free medical care, and sanitation
water supply system in its capital (and other) cities.  Less than half the
young women of school age attend school as they are required to support
their mothers in collecting water, food, domestic cooking, selling of grain,


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