A final comment on the discussion with Robin Maisel

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Sep 9 18:34:45 MDT 2003

I of course was never afraid that Robin or the SWP were going to sue
me.  I was making light of the heavy rhetoric.

The positions I attributed to the SWP on Cuba and Chile were not
secret and were taken publicly.  I cited documents that contained the
sectarian stance I referred to on Chile and Cuba's position, including
one that I wrote.  A sectarian drift on Cuba can be traced, for
example, in a 1973 resolution for the international movement that
appeared in the Pathfinder book, Dyamics of World Revolution Today,
which is now out of print and off the catalog as it should be, and in
the coverage of the initial stages of the wars in Angola and Ethiopia
that Cuba intervened in.

The Socialist Workers Party  doesn't (or didn't when I was a member
and I see no indication that this has changed) require members to sign
confidentiality agreements about their experiences in the party. Once
I was out, the story of my life was completely my own, including the
substantial parts of it that were spent (and I have no regrets) in
that organization. Anyone who disagrees with my recollections, or
thinks I should prioritize what they prioritize, or  simply
disapproves of having recollections has a perfect right to express
their opinions.

I felt like paying a small moral debt I was aware of owing to Paul
LeBlanc, who was right at one time on a question that I (and, yes, the
party) was wrong about and I did so. Robin has challenged the view I
expressed, as he is entitled to do.

The Pathfinder book Fidel Castro on Chile and the Betsey Stone article
which set a new tone for the party on Chile and Castro's role there is
well worth reading.  If I discouraged anyone from reading it, they
should reconsider.  Time for all concerned to move on.
Fred Feldman

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