More on Iraq

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Tue Sep 9 23:29:46 MDT 2003

Bob Gould wrote:

>It's a fact, however, that several hundred
>thousand Iraqis have been killed over the last 20 years by the Baathist

Is this really a fact, or an assertion? On what reliable sources do you base
this number?

[In case it's not clear, these are not "wiseguy" questions or rhetorical
questions of any kind, they are real questions]

And one more question - why is it you didn't put a number on the number of
"children who have died because of the imperialist blockade" (a number
generally put at at least 500,000)? Is it because it would look like a much
bigger number than "several hundred  thousand"? And, just a minor point,
this wasn't a blockade, but sanctions.

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