“Father of the H-Bomb” dead

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 10 02:57:21 MDT 2003

Edward Teller “Father of the H-Bomb” dies at 95


Well, Teller red-baited/ratted on Robert Oppenheimer in a fit of pique.
He also mindfucked Ronald Reagan into thinking SDI/Star Wars was a great
idea, thank-you very much.  But as for Fathering the H-Bomb, physicist
Freeman Dyson suggested that if one were to keep consistent with one’s
analogies in chronological order, Oppenheimer sired the A-Bomb , and the
A-Bomb was seminal to the gestation of the H-Bomb so Teller would best
be described in this generational litany as “the H-Bomb’s Mother.”

I would agree with Dyson.  Teller was certainly some sort of mother.

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