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*Subject: Out of Africa
*Norway, yes Norway, has an Africa news site at:

Hmm... many anti-apartheid and liberation movement veterans wouldn't be so surprised

It is published by the former council for Southern Africa, but changed it's name and focus in 1994. The members of the council are

The Atlas Alliance 
IOGT, Norway 
The Christian Democrat's Youth (KrFU)  
NGF (Norwegian Union for Workers in the Grafic industry) 
NKIF (Norwewgian Chemical Indutry Workers' Union) 
The Norwegian Centre Youth 
Norwegian Student Christian Movement 
Norwegian Union of Social Educators and Social 
Plan, Norway 
Red Electorial Alliance 
SAIH (The Student and Academics' Aid Fund) 
SU (the Socialist Youth Party) 
SV (the Socialist Left Party) 
Educationalist's Union 
Workers' Communist Party of Norway (AKP)

These are only listed on the Norwegian language page:
FO (Fellesorganisasjonen for barnevernpedagoger, sosionomer og vernepleiere) [Union for social workers etc.]
Namibiaforeningen [Namibia association]


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